Note to my readers

Dear faithful readers,

I want you all to know how much it means to me, knowing I get to touch your lives in one small way; and how much I love getting your notes, shares, and posts both here and on Facebook! ❤

I hope you will bear with me a little this week. It seems due to some scheduling issues, getting another article to my publisher (be sure to pick up the Citizens’ Companion, Camp Chase Gazette, and Civil War Courier–they are wonderful War Between the States Publications to which I contribute), and several recent speaking engagements on Medicine during the War Between the States-the next one being tomorrow- it seems there will be a slight delay in getting this months blog online. I hope that you will bear with me and look for the blog when it is posted a little later. As always, I hope it is something you will enjoy and/or find educational. Something I have well learned is that we never stop learning, or at least, we never should.

I hope you all have a fine, God-inspired day down here in Dixie, and yes, the same to my few readers up North!


~The Southern Belle 😉


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