Welcome to the Southern Belle!


You might wonder why I chose this name. To be honest, it is two fold. One, I have been accused of being a true Southern Belle; but truthfully, I am proud to be one. Second, the focus of this blog is going to be mainly about my writing, reenacting, and various history and life-related projects. I am writing this for several reasons: to be able to share what I am working on, to connect with my friends in a new way, to share the history I love, and to do something special for my family.

If you are from the North or Midwest, my apologies. Some of this will not make sense to you initially, but I hope you will stick around and begin to understand our special (and by that, I mean wonderful) world here.

If you have questions, I am happy to answer them, particularly if you have a desire to learn the unadulturated history! Please feel free to contact me through the Contact page. However, please note that any nasty comments or emails will be deleted. Questions and civil discussions are encouraged 🙂

I am glad you are here!